Where and when will Auf Haxe happen?

Please find the current Auf Haxe area and the date in the tab on the left. It is possible to sign up until two days before the event.

Is it possible to participate without having a kitchen/flat in the current Auf Haxe area?

Yes, you only need a place to host your guests and to eat together. Just ask friends in the Haxe area if you can use their kitchen or even better – tell your friends to participate. Alternatively, be creative, you may also meet your guests for a picnic or a barbecue in a park.

What does it cost?

Auf Haxe is free of charge. We would appreciate a small donation at the after-party or there may be a small entry fee, depending on the location.

Is Auf Haxe a cooking competition?

Nope. There will be no evaluations, winners or losers. Just be creative and cook whatever you like.

I´m allergic, or a vegetarian..!

Just mention it in the sign up form. Your host will be informed.

How will the evening be organized?

There is a precise timetable. Detailed information will be sent to you one day before the event via e-mail.

Should we bring drinks or a present for the hosts?

Don´t bother. Everybody is the host once and cares for everything. Bring a sunny smile and relax.

We have signed up but can’t participate at Auf Haxe!

Too bad, but no problem. Please de-register your team through the link in your registration confirmation until two days before the event. Otherwise the organization team will suffer from a serious depression. Really.

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