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Conditions of Participation

- Updated May 2014 -

Scope of Application

The following Conditions of Participation (hereafter “CoP”) shall apply between Philipp Günther (hereafter “Operator”) and any private, i.e. non-commercial, end-user (hereafter “User” or “you”) for all offerings available via the online platform under the domain name (hereafter “Auf Haxe”) – including all associated countries and subdomains.

The Operator holds the right to adjust and change the CoP with future effects. Changes will be announced and prominently placed on You accept the CoU in its respective relevant version by logging-in after the notification of the changes has taken place.

  1. How can I participate at Auf Haxe?
    1. In order to participate you have to be at least 18 years of age. If you are younger, you can only participate with the written consent of a person in parental authority. There is no right to registration with Auf Haxe.
    2. With your registration we need:
      • Your full name and e-mail-address,
      • A contact number for coordination with your guests, hosts, or the Auf Haxe coordinators in case of delay, short-term changes etc.,
      • And the address where you would like to meet your guests.
      • Please also inform us about any allergies and other intolerances, and we will notify your host.

      After registration you will receive confirmation via the e-mail-address provided, which will include a “Nachwürzen”-Link, where you can edit your data or unregister. Auf Haxe is an open and transparent platform that does not unnecessarily hoard data – which is why there is no log-in-process. If you would like to participate at a certain Auf-Haxe event you only register for that particular one. Your data will be electronically processed; it is saved up until one week after the event and then it is automatically deleted. If you have subscribed to the Auf Haxe newsletter, your e-mail-address is saved. With the consent given here, Auf Haxe uses your e-mail-address for receiving notifications and – if chosen – for receiving the newsletter. If you do not want to receive the newsletter any longer, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the end of each e-mail or via sending an e-mail to .

      The registration is only valid when the data you have registered with is correct and complete.

      For more information about your personal data please also read the instructions in the Privacy agreement.
  2. What happens at Auf Haxe?
    1. Auf Haxe is a free of charge Internet platform that offers the User the ability to organize events privately conducted through Auf Haxe in your city or neighbourhood. These can be of a different nature, for instance, a dinner around the city with various courses, picnics, cooking classes, tours, and etc.
    2. These events will be announced by the “Auf Haxe initiators” in your city and will be independently organized and realized. You can also initiate Auf Haxe events yourself. The Operator, respectively Auf Haxe, is neither the organizer, nor the host, and is not responsible for the planning, preparation, or realization of the Auf Haxe event.
    3. Auf Haxe aims to reunite people at the dinner table. This does not only entail delicious food but also community, interest in fellow human beings, and a lively neighbourhood-culture. In order to make this work, we expect that as participants you:
      • follow the timetable of the Auf Haxe event
      • meet the common standards of hygiene and quality of the foods used when preparing and serving meals
      • are respectful and friendly towards other Auf Haxe participants
      • respect the house rules of the host and/or the apartment owner
      • do not purposefully or negligently cause damage
      • treat the data provided to you via the Auf Haxe event responsibly, i.e. that you do not use them for any purpose other than the one stated, that you do not share them, and that you delete them after the event has taken place.
    4. Auf Haxe offers the digital infrastructure as a platform for communication between its Users. Auf Haxe initiators and its participants use it as their own responsibility. The Operator, respectively Auf Haxe, does not participate in any way at the events planned and/or conducted via Auf Haxe. The Operator is not the agent, representative, or assistant of the User and the User is also not the agent, representative, or assistant of the Operator. There is expressly no right to participate at any Auf Haxe event. The Operator is neither responsible nor liable for questions regarding whether, in what way, or in which level of quality the event is conducted.
    5. Auf Haxe regards itself as a platform which functions from the engagement of all its participants. No one is regarded a service provider or beneficiary but rather each Auf Haxe event is considered a joint project. This means that your participation is self-dependent and taken at your own risk. You acknowledge that the Auf Haxe initiator is neither responsible nor liable for questions regarding whether, in what way, or in which level of quality the Auf Haxe event is conducted.
    6. You expressly agree to receive e-mails to the stated e-mail-address. Should it (for better coordination) be more convenient, your Auf Haxe initiator or your guests/hosts may also contact you via phone.
    7. With your registration you agree to the before mentioned.
  3. Availability of and guarantee
    1. The Operator seeks to provide access to Auf Haxe at all times. However, this does not entail availability of the Operator of the online service. The Operator reserves the right to change services or to terminate Auf Haxe without advance notice.
    2. In particular, the Operator does not take any responsibility for availability
      • in cases of non-availability caused by disruptions due to a failure in the data transmission network or a failure that a third party is responsible for;
      • in cases of a higher force, natural disasters, strikes, war, or unrest;
      • in cases of non-availability due to inadequate technical conditions on the part of the User;
      • in cases of non-availability due to maintenance work.
  4. Liability
    1. The Operator is liable – regardless of the general exclusion of any liability resulting from the preparation, realization, or any other activity concerning an Auf Haxe event
      • in cases of intent and gross negligence;
      • in cases of simple negligence, only if a significant obligation is breached, but limited to damage which is foreseeable and typical for this kind of contract; liability for indirect and unforeseeable damage, as well as claims of third parties are excluded in cases of simple negligence;
      • from guarantee in full.
    2. In all other cases the Operator is not liable.
  5. Use of data

    Auf Haxe, respectively the Operator, handles the data transmitted by you electronically in accordance with data protection regulations. As a matter of principle the data submitted at your registration is only used for the stated purpose and the realization of a particular Auf Haxe event, unless you agreed to further application. Further notes on the handling of personal data you can find here.

  6. Repetition of the declarations of consent

    The User explicitly grants the following declaration to the Operator, and the Operator, respectively Auf Haxe, has hereby recorded his/her consent. The User can revoke his/her consent at any time with future effect.

    Declaration of consent referring to the Auf Haxe newsletter:

    » I would like to receive information free of charge via the Auf Haxe newsletter. «

  7. Final provisions
    1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid for the legal relationship between the User and Auf Haxe, with the exception of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
    2. Place of performance for all contractual obligation is the place of business of Auf Haxe.
    3. Should single regulations of these CoP or sections thereof be invalid, this leaves the effectiveness of the CoP unaffected. The invalid regulation is to be replaced by a new regulation most similar in nature to the purpose of the inoperative regulation. This also applies to an unintended loophole.

Auf Haxe, May 2014


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