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What the Hax?

Who we are and what we want.

Auf Haxe is a three-course meal across your city. We connect people in their neighbourhood and unite them at the kitchen table – friendly, curious and open-minded.

We are a non-commercial network of local initiators who have put their minds to bringing Auf Haxe into their neighbourhood.

It just works

Auf Haxe is open to everyone and is very excited to turn strangers into neighbours. The form of the game is at least 60 years old (see clip on our welcome page). We relaunched this idea – free of dating promises and culinary pressures – to bring people together for free.

Auf Haxe inspires our openness in a playful way and brings us closer together. Might sound like sissy-talk, but mainly it’s exciting and very funny. Just ask someone who’s tried it and see for yourself.


Auf Haxe is a non-commercial platform started by a group of students in Berlin-Neukölln in 2010. Since then it has been further developed with a lot of passion and donations and subsidies from the programme “Youth in Action” of the European Union – in the beginning just in our neighbourhood, by now as a growing community under the name “Dinner Hop” worldwide.

Together, gemeinsam, yhdessä

Neighbourhood means more to us than borrowing John’s drill from the second floor. For us it’s about community and interest in one another – whether in your own city and beyond. Auf Haxe is our key to this experience – without much pathos but in a playful way, easy and as delicious as possible.

Join an Auf Haxe event or become a part of the project. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks a lot for your interest and see you soon!

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What the Hax?

Who we are and what we want

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