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Create your own Haxe!

You would like to initiate your own Auf Haxe event in your city? Then why not become a Haxemaster yourself?

It’s easy, free of charge and already being supported by like-minded people in other cities.

Friendly and open-minded

Auf Haxe brings neighbours together in their kitchens – friendly, curious and open-minded. Everyone sharing these values and wanting to start their own Haxe is more than welcome.

Non-commercial is a non-commercial platform, which has been developed out of a neighbour-initiative in Berlin-Neukölln. It has been supported by the European Union and private donations. You can find more information about the project here.

Easy as instant soup, but tasty!

Our up and rattling Auf Haxe machine saves you a great deal of the tiresome laborious work. The software administers the registrations, computes who cooks with whom and reminds you of the important stuff – so you can focus solely on your Haxe.

  • Log in and create your first event.
  • Think of a date and where to party after the feast.
  • Beat the drum to let people know about your Auf Haxe event, or simply decorate your hallway with our lovely flyers.
  • Find tips and details on our Wiki or in our forum. Here you can exchange information with other local initiators or come up with new ideas.
  • Everything alrighty? One click and everyone knows where the journey goes. Sit back and look forward to a tasty evening with a lot of nice people.

So, the necessary effort is limited, but you can also go wild.

Game on!

Just and tell us a little bit about yourself and your ideas. We will get back to you and discuss everything, so you can get started. Here’s a little hint: It’s more fun in a group. Ask friends or post the Auf Haxe clip on Facebook to find peers.

We’re looking forward to your message.

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